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Mind and intellectual analysis - Three page sidereal astrological report

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  • Three page PDF report
  • Nakshatra -lunar mansion of the mind
  • How the mind and mindset would manifest?
  • Moon, the mind, intentions and Mars, the actions
  • What kind of career would give satisfaction and fulfillment?
  • Details, needed - Date of birth, place of birth-preferably with latitude and longitude, Time of birth (if possible, exact), to calculate the chart. Please provide this in the customer notes. You can also add a short write-up of which specific area of analysis, you prefer. Thank you.🙂

This is a very preliminary attempt by me to include this reading seeing the amount of people that have asked me questions about mind, how to control the mind, focus, mental sharpness and dedication. A smart and wise mind is the deepest asset towards life. I am including this reading to help the querent make the mind powerful and self-willed.

Amount of Time – within three business days.

The Vedic chart is drawn using the free astrological software Jagannatha Hora Version 8.0 (