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Five-page Dharma report

Five-page Dharma report

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  • Five page analysis
  • Chart drawing by Jagannatha Hora 8.0
  • D1 or D9, divisional chart analysis as per needed
  • Where is the Soul, mind and body
  • Mindset and potential
  • Details, I need - Date of birth, place of birth-preferably with latitude and longitude, Time of birth (if possible, exact), to calculate the chart. Please provide this in the customer notes. You can also add a short write-up of which specific area of analysis, you prefer. Thank you.🙂

A five-page analysis with the Rasi (D1) and Navamsa (D9) South Indian Vedic charts included. The list of the placements of the planets, the nakshatras, and their house positions included. For this, date of birth, exact time and the exact place or the correct longitude and latitude should have to be provided. Every effort is given to provide very specific and accurate answers.

The Vedic chart is drawn using the free astrological software Jagannatha Hora Version 8.0 ( The analysis is based on the personality of the person, the inner nature as well as how both lead to the client’s Dharma- the general purpose that serves them good in this life. If you want to know more about your mind, the mental scape is considered rather than the emotional/inner nature. You decide through your question, what particular area wants to be analyzed- personality, general life, mental scape or emotional scape. It is not a prediction. Nothing is predicted. This is to draw the potential of the being using Vedic astrology as a tool.

The analysis is what you need to know at the time of analysis, not what you want to know. This analysis draws on my intuition, insights, Vedic astrology knowledge, pure grace and the guidance from my spiritual masters. So, the chart analysis is on what is made aware of, when I write the chart. With the help of my spiritual guides and my intuition, the client understands what they need to realize at that time. So, each time the same chart brings very different points to my awareness.

If things are there that are not supposed to be revealed, it won’t be revealed to me as well. The Vedic chart shows the potential, which is analyzed here. You through your deep intentions, free will and effort captures your Dharma, which later leads to your destiny. The Dharma analysis is a torch that is provided towards the journey of life. This analysis is only for a human being, not for an entity, organization or an enterprise. To give a glimpse of the same, an example chart of President Abraham Lincoln is provided.

Amount of Time – within one week.


Click here for a sample five-page analysis of President Abraham Lincoln's chart.