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One question - One page towards the buyer's one question

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    One page tailored towards the analysis of the person’s query.
    • Any life question that is troubling the person.
    • What can bring them joy and fulfillment in life?
    • Report, as a PDF file.
    • According to the small write-up, I need to ask from each person, I would tailor it to the objectives the person is desiring, with an analysis of 2-3 hours. (Except for non-inclusion of charts, very comprehensive.)
    • Details, I need - Date of birth, place of birth-preferably with latitude and longitude, Time of birth (if possible, exact), to calculate the chart. Please provide this in the customer notes. You can also add a short write-up of which specific area of analysis, you prefer. Thank you.🙂

    This would be a two page Vedic astrology analysis. For this, date of birth, exact time and the exact place or the correct longitude and latitude should have to be provided by the client. It would be the answer to the question you have asked. There would be no charts, or any associated details. It would be the elaborate one-page answer as per the chart. Every effort would be given to provide very specific and accurate answers. The question should pointedly be about one thing, example career, or mind or Dharma. The answer would be only that question. 

    As I analyze, using my insights, intuition, Vedic knowledge, pure grace and the guidance from my spiritual masters, the area where my awareness is led to, that is what I would be analyzing.  There would be no predictions as I realize that Vedic astrology chart is just a guide map of that being’s potential. It is the intentions, efforts, will and actions that determines the life and destiny of a person. This analysis would be only for a human being, not for an entity, organization or an enterprise.

    Amount of Time – within 48 hours.

    The Vedic chart is drawn using the free astrological software Jagannatha Hora Version 8.0 (