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Strategy Consulting

Strategy Consulting

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How to become a leader in the field! Phone consultation!

The emotional, intellectual. business and market traps. Mentoring and guidance to overcome, side-step, overturn, reconfigure, re-inspire, transform or to transmute the current dynamics. Help to transform the stagnant and stuck energy to free-flowing and bright energy,

 To look at a person's life, potential, dynamics and how they can access their best and the brightest potential there can be. For this, I will be using my knowledge, experiences, insights and intuition!

Needed details:

Date of birth, place of birth-preferably with latitude and longitude, Time of birth (if possible, exact), to calculate the chart. Please provide this in the customer notes. You can also add a short write-up of which specific area of analysis, you prefer. Thank you.🙂

$120/ session. Forty five minutes to one hour phone call.

Amount of Time –  One week!

The Vedic chart is drawn using the free astrological software Jagannatha Hora Version 8.0 (

Vedic Astrology Phone Reading

Vedic Astrology Phone Reading

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